20th January 2020

Marco Dal Lago

I bought my first pair of Boulder MK-II's, monitors that made me take an incredible leap in terms of balance in the mix phase! I worked with the MK-II monitors for a long time with great satisfaction and everything was fine, but recently the new The Boulder MK-III's arrived ...

I was therefore able to compare the Boulder MK-II's against the new MK-III's models at Lucky Music, and with great care appreciated the differences between them. When I had enough time getting to know and understand them, I understood that the new MK-III model was really incredible! The balance of the low end, and especially mid-low frequencies, which for me is one of the most critical areas when dealing with a mix they excelled beyond my expectations!

If I had already had a great time with the previous model, now I can absolutely say that the MK-III's have a fullness of sound and a really firm and solid response, as well as an incredible depth. This suited me perfectly, especially for the new musical productions of recent years in which mixes have undergone a strong increase in low frequencies demand. Electronic arrangements in particular require a type of monitor that knows how to keep really powerful and full mixes in every sound spectrum.

I can therefore say with great pleasure, that when I send mixes to my trusted mastering studios, little or no additional equalization is needed, especially in the low frequencies. They are always balanced beautifully, and that the mastering process becomes a creative joy!

So, I can undoubtedly say that when I work with these Unity Audio Boulder Mk-III 3-way monitors, I always feel confident in what I'm hearing, and this is by far the most important thing you could ever want.

Having also listened to the new the Rock MK- III two-way monitors, (which have a very similar attitude), I would like to use them as near-field monitors on upcoming tours as soon as possible. This will provide me with an alternative smaller studio monitor, with all the same great Unity Audio attributes that I love about the Boulder.

Listening to music in general from these monitors is an absolute pleasure! Even in moments of relaxation.

I finally found my ultimate reference monitors in the Boulder MK-III's!

Marco Dal Lago Live/Studio Engineer

The Boulder MK-III active 3 way monitor features two 220mm woofers, unique coaxial driver with 5 mid-range and 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter. Powered by two individual power supplies, and driven by two 300 watt Class D amplifiers, and two custom Class A/B amplifiers. All wrapped up in a sealed solid baltic birch plywood and Corian cabinet.

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