12" Active Sub-Woofer
12" Active Sub-Woofer

The Avalanche Active Sub-Woofer

Power and Control

The Avalanche active sub-woofer is primarily designed to compliment our existing Rock and Boulder models, seamlessly transforming them into full range 3-way and 4-way systems and extending their low frequency performance down to an incredible 22Hz. It is also the perfect 2.1 or 5.1 partner in a surround-sound setup to The Rocks and Boulders.


The Avalanche uses a downward firing 300mm woofer, designed exclusively for heavy-duty sub-woofer applications. The input circuitry uses two balanced XLR inputs feeding Burr Brown op amps to maintain the best possible quality audio signal which passes through to the satellite speakers.

Sealed cabinet

The Avalanche retains the sealed cabinet design approach but features a dual-chamber with an Aperiodic Vent. This delivers all the benefits of a sealed cabinet such as zero port noise and tight fast accurate bass reproduction. It also significantly increases the bass response available from a smaller cabinet design.

"Sonically, the Avalanche is very clean and quiet, with very low harmonic distortion and no audible noise. It fills in the lowest octaves without compromising midrange clarity. It is immensely powerful and clean-sounding."
Sound on Sound


Two Unity Audio low frequency custom discrete Class A/B amplifiers running in parallel delivering an effortless 150 watts are mounted on rubber isolation mounts.


User controls consist of Level, 180-degree phase switch, bypass switch, and a switched rotary satellite crossover frequency selector. Two factory presets are provided for teaming up with The Rock or Boulder. In addition, both Low Pass 4th order filter and High Pass 2nd order filters can be set independently in Vari Mode. A bypass footswitch is also included to allow users to switch the sub-woofer in or out of circuit.

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