11th December 2018

Paul Bateman chooses Mini-Rocks and Avalanche MK-II DSP

Classical conductor Paul Bateman has recently taken delivery of the new Unity Audio Mini-Rock 2 way active near-field monitors, which PSNE awarded for best monitor of the year 2018. Paul also teamed up the Mini-Rocks with the new Unity Audio Avalanche MK-II DSP 12” sub-woofer, all supplied via UK dealer SX Pro.

“As a conductor and arranger in both the classical and crossover worlds I spend much time in the recording studio with large orchestras. My discography now numbers over 80 releases and as time goes on I get more and more interested in sound reproduction. I occasionally have to ‘take down’ an orchestration which means listening intently to an existing recording and taking it down by ear, so the greatest possible clarity is needed in order to hear everything individually.”

“When I recently needed to replace my studio sound system I listened to many pairs of speakers. There was one particular model that I was convinced I would buy, having read so many great reviews. However, having spent half an hour listening, it was then suggested that I compare them with Unity Audio Mini Rocks and at that stage I had not even heard of Unity Audio. I was staggered. They did all that the other speakers could do but were more compact in size (useful for my small studio) and somehow I enjoyed listening to them more. I went ahead and purchased the Mini Rocks (along with the Prism Sound Lyra2 Digital interface) and have since added the Unity Audio Avalanche subwoofer. The system is truly amazing, with clarity and quality in spades and an extraordinarily detailed sound stage that suits the large canvas of an orchestra wonderfully.”

“I have also had meticulous attention from Kevin Walker at Unity, who has helped me set it all up.”

“Since my purchase Unity Audio have hit the headlines with an award for the best monitor of the year at Pro Sound News Europe and an outstanding review in Sound on Sound magazine. I obviously made the right decision!”

Paul Bateman - Principal Conductor, National Symphony Orchestra (UK)

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