6th October 2017

Vintage Studio to handle Unity Audio distribution in Thailand

In another first for Unity Audio, the Vintage Studio in Bangkok has become a new distributor for Unity Audio products in Southeast Asia countries.

Known for its breathtakingly accurate performance monitors for tracking, mixing and critical mastering, Unity Audio welcomes the collaboration. “We are very pleased to gain Vintage Studio as a distribution partner in Southeast Asian countries” explained Kevin Walker owner of Unity Audio. “They are very well positioned to advance our brand into pro audio market in the region. We are looking forward to the cooperation with our new partners and to some interesting projects.”

“Our customers want recordings to match up to the instruments and voices that they bring to the live room. They want equipment that packs a punch and produces a full and pleasing audio production.” said Puengrusme, owner of the Vintage Studio.” “We started to use all models of Unity Audio monitors and immediately noticed the clearness of sound even at a low frequency and low listening levels resulting in recording and mixing being more precise and efficient”. Thanks to the high quality performance from Unity Audio products, our customers can now achieve the heightened sound experience that they are looking for”. Therefore, we are confident that we can build Unity Audio’s presence in the region.

Unity Audio continues to be at the cutting edge of monitor design with its Rock MKII, Super Rock, Boulder MKII, BABE and Avalanche monitoring systems.

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