21st November 2016

Up Studio upgrades main monitors to Unity Audio equipment

Up Studio upgrades main monitors to a Unity Audio Boulder / B.A.B.E reference system

Milan based high end recording facility Up Studios recently embarked on upgrading their main monitor system with a specific requirement that the system needed to be accurate enough to track, mix and master projects. Having considered and evaluated number of other high profile systems the new Unity Audio Boulder / B.A.B.E. system was chosen as the setup that ticked all the boxes and was purchased from Unity Audios Milan based dealer Lucky Music.

Up Studio owner Ugo Poddighe comments "I have been searching for the perfect, mastering grade, revealing, full range, musical and non fatiguing set of speakers for my studio for the last couple of years. Kevin and Paul from Unity Audio came by to my studio with their new Boulder MkII and B.A.B.E. System for a demo and as soon as they connected the system in to my console and started playing music I knew I had to call my accountant and beg my dealer and the Unity guys to not take the speakers away. What's remarkable about the speakers is they're transparency, despite being a 4 way system you are completely unaware of crossover points and phase issues are non-existent thanks to the dual concentric driver. Transient response is the fastest I've heard which makes compressing and balancing percussion instruments a child's game. After 3 days with the speakers in the studio I remixed a song for a client from scratch (which I had previously mixed on my old speakers) and the client chose the new mix. This meant awesome translation!
I no longer need to get in to my car or grab some headphones and check the mixes I make to be sure they sound as I hear them in the studio.”

The Boulder B.A.B.E. main monitor system is a uniquely flexible, modular and expandable solution designed to suit the needs of today’s music making facilities at a sensible price. The basis of the system is the critically acclaimed Boulder MKII 3-way mid-field monitor, with the addition of stereo Boulder Active Bass Extenders (B.A.B.E. s) the system becomes a full range 4 way set up with an in room response that is flat from 20Hz to 35Khz. The system delivers truly accurate mastering grade audio with low distortion and high SPL ability. The system can be configured in a number of ways including free standing, soffit mounted, tower and horizontal or vertically mounted on custom made stands. The system features a dedicated Unity Audio DSP module to setup and configure the system. Amplification is a combination of Class D and discrete Class A/B with a total of 1kilowatts per channel available in standard form. If four B.A.B.E.s are specified the total system power is in the order of 3.5 kilowatts.

Paul O’Farrell – Stevens Unity Audio’s Head of Sales and Marketing adds "I’m absolutely delighted that Ugo and Up Studios have found value in our main monitor solution. Our development team has worked exceptionally hard to deliver a system to challenge the performance and price of established manufacturers, the number of high-end facilities investing in our system is a testament to the enormous team effort."

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