30th August 2012

Yellow Boat Music Purchase Unity Audio's Rocks & Boulders

Soho based Yellow Boat Music have recently upgraded their two studios with Unity Audio Rock and Boulder active monitors.

I bought the Unity Audio Boulder monitors from Studioxchange after I had them on a demo from Unity Audio. I had just completed a mix on my existing monitors and I thought as an experiment I'd try doing a mix of the same project on The Boulders which revealed some issues in the bass end in particular which I wasn't hearing on my existing monitors. I then gave both mixes to my client and they choose the mix that I did on The Boulders which helped me confirm my decision to purchase them.

I've been a fan of Tim di Paravacini's Esoteric Audio Research ( E.A.R ) products for many years as I used his amplifiers when I worked with producer Tony Visconti, and as Unity Audio's monitor range uses custom E.A.R amp this was another major selling point for me. The Boulders and The Rocks, which we also purchased for another room have lived up to my expectations, they are both fantastic monitors and I love them!

We do a variety of music projects at Yellow Boat Music, from TV adverts, Film, TV dramas covering all genres, classical, rock, pop right up to current trends including dub step and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with The Boulders in every single arena.

Paul Cartledge Company Director - Yellow Boat Music.

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