15th November 2019

John Leckie's favourite new monitor

Legendary British producer John Leckie has just discovered his new favourite monitor after visiting Unity Audio recently, the award winning Pro Sound News Europe Monitor of the Year 2018 Mini-Rock 2 way active near-field.

John has been a long standing Unity Audio monitor fan, being one of the first of many to trust in the brutal honesty of the Rock MK-II.

“The Mini Rocks are now my favourite monitor. The sound picture just sits in front of you revealing its detail with full precision. I’ve never heard a small monitor like this that is so precise in detail and tone at all listening volumes.

Whatever type of music you listen to on the Mini Rocks its never boring…always sparkling and clear but in a non harsh way

They really do sound bigger than they look and the sound is superb with excellent stereo imaging, detailed and never harsh. A joy and delight to mix or just listen to music on.

My old mixes have never sounded better on Mini Rocks and now I’m listening to classic records and the Mini Rocks reveal all.

The monitors look cool all in black and are just the right size and weight to carry around. You will not be disappointed!”

John Leckie – Engineer/Producer

Credits include: Muse, Radio Head, Stone Roses, XTC, PIL, The Verve, Magazine, The Fall, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr.

The Mini-Rock picked up Pro Sound News Europe Best Monitor 2018 and it shares the same sealed cabinet design as all the other Unity Audio monitors. In the range. Several key cabinet design attributes on the Mini-Rock include accurate low frequency performance which is also phase coherent with fast transient response. The Mini-Rock is also a split Aperiodic Vent sealed cabinet design, the cabinets two internal chambers provide for controlled extended natural low frequency response.

The 150mm crystal membrane double magnet woofer packs a punch for it's size and it's construction is robust to withstand long demanding sessions without any performance compromises. The tweeter is the ever familiar 50kHz folded ribbon that Unity Audio has used on various models over the last 10 years.

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