Boulder Active Bass Extender
BB-DSP Processor
Graphical User Interface
How low can you go?
Shown here with Boulder
Shown here with Boulder
BB DSP Processor

The B.A.B.E. DSP (Boulder Active Bass Extender)

Bass - how low can you go?

The B.A.B.E. DSP transforms an existing 3-way Boulder ( any version of the Boulder ) into a true 4-way monitoring system, extending the SPL and low sub-frequencies. This modular system allows greater flexibility for mounting the system, allowing soffit mount or free-standing, and the ability for horizontal or vertical orientation.

How many do I need?

Ideally the standard configuration for a stereo Boulder system would be two B.A.B.E.s, but it is possible for really demanding high SPL applications that a total of four B.A.B.E's are used on a stereo setup.

The sealed cabinet is internally isolated to reduce vibration interference and uses a single 12"/ 300mm woofer designed exclusively to deliver continuous high SPL low frequency reproduction.

Can I use the B.A.B.E for other Unity Audio models?

Yes you can! If your preference and requirements for sub-woofer duties isn't met by our Avalanche MK-II DSP for whatever reason, you can consider the new B.A.B.E DSP. Just remember the Avalanche has two inputs and outputs and each B.A.B.E is mono.

DSP Control/Amplifier

The new B.A.B.E DSP version houses the DSP card internally that we use on all our DSP models. This high performance 24bit/96k Burr Brown converter design offers a huge amount of DSP control for the user with precise 1/10th dB level control on the input channel and output channels , mute, phase, delay and 8 bands of fully parametric EQ including various filter types, limiter protection. Plenty of factory and user presets are included .

The intuitive GUI is Mac and PC compatible controlled over Ethernet to the B.A.B.E's sealed air-tight Neutrik Ethernet CAT5 connector. As well as having the standard balanced XLR analog input, the B.A.B.E also has an additional balanced XLR output channel to feed whatever satellite monitor is being used. A huge 1200 watt Class D amplifier with it's own power supply also resides inside the B.A.B.E cabinet to take advantage of the woofers power handling capabilities.

12" / 300mm Woofer

The B.A.B.E. uses an innovative 12" / 300mm woofer designed exclusively for high SPL sub and low frequencies. The driver employs a huge 5.1" / 130mm Hexatech external voice coil wound with a hexagonal-shaped aluminium coil wire (2-3 times thicker than standard woofers) for accurate music reproduction, superior durability and power handling. This driver delivers an extraordinary combination of audiophile musicality and high power handling. Rated at a nominal 800 watts with a transient power response of 3,000 watts ( 10ms ).

12" / 300mm Woofer

Sealed Cabinet

The B.A.B.E. retains the same sealed cabinet approach used throughout the Unity Audio range. The cabinet is constructed from 18mm Baltic Birch plywood in conjunction with the huge 30mm Corian front baffle. This design approach provides a very solid and stable platform for mounting the woofer, eliminating any resonances and projecting all its energy forward where you want it!

The sealed cabinet will yield faster, tighter and more accurate linear bass reproduction and it also results in less phase rotation, reduced time domain ringing, lower group delay and a shallower roll-off slope than inferior ported designs. These characteristics make The B.A.B.E. a natural choice for all critical music applications.

The B.A.B.E. DSP adds a flexible modular approach enabling a fully 4-way system configured the way you want it, with breathtaking performance.


The B.A.B.E DSP is suitable for all recording and mastering facilities and has been carefully designed to suit all environments and applications.

The system can be used free standing or soffit mounted in either horizontal or vertical configurations without compromising performance.

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