Did you know 50% of the world’s top ten selling albums in 2015 used Unity Audio monitors to help craft their sound?

We have an unrivalled range of top quality speakers for the music, TV and film industries

Our range of high-end studio monitors is now available for the domestic environment

The Rock
True fidelity stands the test of time...

Bespoke EAR discrete amplifier
Folded ribbon tweeter
Closed cabinet design
Corian front baffle
Brutally honest
Super Rock
2-way active monitor
Revolution not evolution
Boulders &
"These Boulders and Avalanche fukin rock it for me
...No technical bollox needs to be said here
....I like to write loud and these deliver
what I need for this new Prodigy record!"
Liam Howlett - The Prodigy
The Rock
Producer Jolyon Thomas has been using Unity
Audio Rocks on many exciting and contemporary
projects including:
Daughter - "If You Leave" (4AD) -
record went silver last year.
Lisson Grove
The Lisson Grove AR-1 is a vintage style tube compressor based on the classic Altec compressor that was used intensively in the '60's.
BB-DSP Processor
Graphical User Interface for the BABE BB-DSP Processor
Hi-Fi speakers
Professional sound equipment

Productos Unity Audio

Bienvenidos al sitio web de productos de Unity.

Hogar de los altavoces activos de gabinete sellado diseñados y fabricados en el Reino Unido y de pies para altavoz superiores. Monitoreo de estudio brutalmente honesto para profesionales de audio exigentes. Comenzando com los Pebble & Bam-Bam para escritorio, los Rock MKII de campo cercano, Boulder MKII de campo medio, y el Avalanche sub-woofer. Para todas tus necesidades de grabacióng, mezcla y mastering.

También fabricamos pies para altavoces ultra robustos y profesionales para nuestros monitores Unity Audio, asícomo para otros altavoces e incluso pies hechos a medida, todos completamente ajustables en altura.


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