14th January 2019

Don Gunn pulls the trigger on a new pair of Unity Audio Rock MK-IIIs.

The updated Rock MK-IIIs take everything that was great about the MK-II version and brings more headroom and an even more accurate listening experience.

The left/right soundstage seems even wider than before, and the top-end is as silky as it ever was. Taking it one step further by integrating the new Avalanche MK-II sub with its built-in DSP for shaping and conturing the response, both in the room and with the Rocks is just brilliant!

My favorite part of my job is when I stop listening to/worrying about the gear and just listen to the MUSIC. Working on this configuration of Unity speakers gives me that because I know I can absolutely trust what Iím hearing from the monitors.

Don Gunn - Engineer/Producer

Credits include;

Death Cab for Cutie, Peter Frampton, Soundgarden, The Lonely Forest, King Crimson, The Humans, and Fences.

Rocks MK-III & Avalanche MK-II DSP supplied by Zen Pro Audio USA

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