6th October 2017

Solid as A Rock

Studio producer and sound engineer David Wrench is happy that his performance is solid as a rock – or even two - thanks to his latest acquisition, a pair of Unity Audio Rock MkII monitors.

Wrench is responsible for mixing three of the most acclaimed albums of recent times and works with the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Goldfrapp, Hot Chip and Bat for Lashes among others. He is fortunate enough to be very much in demand as the go–to guy when it comes to polishing and finishing a project.

Each of Wrench’s new Rock MKII’s, now installed in his London-based studio, is equipped with a 100 watt discrete bi-polar feedback amplifier capable of delivering a truly musical audiophile performance that belies its compact size and delivers an extension and tightness of the bottom end.

"I’m a huge Rock’s fan and bought my first pair a while ago,” says Wrench. “They’re different to any of my existing monitors. I usually use three different sets of monitor in order to get a good contrast. The Rocks low mid is excellent and that’s an area where I find a lot of smaller speakers tend to struggle and it’s such an important frequency band.”

Working with a plethora of artists, Wrench likes the music to be listenable. Mixing in 7.1, he added a further five Rock monitors to complete a 7.1 live backing track mix for Frank Ocean: “I heard the mix results on a huge festival PA system and once again there were no nasty surprises, perfect translation from the studio to the stage!"

Wrench started his career back in the 90s after being inspired by dance music, and in 1990 he released the first Welsh–language acid house 12–inch, ‘Lledrith Lliw’, as Nid Madagascar. In subsequent years, he put out a sporadic sequence of albums under his own name and has gone on to become a multi award winning producer and engineer.

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