5th July 2011

Steve Power Rocks

British producer Steve Power has purchased a pair of Unity Audio active Rock monitors for his north London studio. Steve auditioned them for several weeks on an album project and felt that they delivered something special over other monitors that he had been using.

" The detail is amazing, I can hear everything so precisely for tracking and mixing and so I feel totally confident when I'm making critical decisions about balancing mixes, nothing is over emphasized with The Rocks. The real test is when the mixes leave my studio, they're all translating well when played on other systems".

Steve has worked with Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Joe Cocker, Tom Jones, James, Feeder, Julian Cope over the years and more recent work includes Beth Rowley's Little Dreamer, Stephen Duffy's Runout Groove, Julian Velard's The Planateer, Nerina Pallot's The Graduate, (Brazilian superstar) Sandy Leah's Manuscrito, and the forthcoming albums by Julian Velard (Mr Saturday night), British Sea Power. Also Steve has writing and production credits for songs in the Kevin Sampson movie Powder due for release in spring 2011.

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