25th March 2013

Sennheiser Scholarship Morgan Price 'Rocks' up!

Up and coming UK engineer Morgan Price has won the Sennheiser Scholarship, which is only awarded to one talented LIPA sound technology student each year and has bought a pair of Unity Audio Rock monitors as his portable reference monitor.

A protege of producer Mike Crossy, Morgan has assisted Mike on some of his recent projects including Tribes debut album 'Baby', and Israel's number one artist Ninet Tayeb on the new album ' Sympathetic Nervous System'.

"I'm very pleased with the Rocks. The detail is just incredible, listening to some of my favourite albums through them has revealed all a lot of subtle effects and instrumentation I had never noticed before. These really are brutally honest monitors and they are an absolute godsend for when the studios at LIPA are fully booked and I need to mix at my flat. I can now take a mix straight from my home and be confident when porting across to another system. Awesome!" Morgan Price

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