23rd June 2011

Mike Crossey Rocks Up!

Mike Crossey is another prominent UK producer that has been recently blown away with the Unity Audio Rock active two-way monitors.

Mike is based in Liverpool’s Motor Museum studio, equipped with a vintage Neve console, Studer A80MkII and some choice outboard from Empirical Labs, Chandler Limited and Thermionic Culture.

“I wasn’t even in the market for a pair of monitors until I heard The Rocks. The soundstage on them is huge though unhyped and true. They are very impressive indeed.
I used to spend hours agonizing over the low end, The rocks just get me there so much quicker than before . I'd say they save me 2 hours a day on my mixing so they actually help me get more sleep!"

The Rocks are built in England and have a closed cabinet design utilizing Baltic Birch and Corian. They feature the ELAC folded ribbon tweeter, ELAC 7” woofer and a custom all discrete Class A/B two-way amplifier by Esoteric Audio Research.

Mike’s already illustrious CV includes Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight, Foals, The Kooks, Black Keys, and he is crrently working with a new North London band tipped for stardom called 'Tribes'.

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