4th October 2011

Metropolis Mastering Chooses Unity Audio Rock Monitors

For Metropolis Mastering engineer Miles Showell, a 27 year wait for a near-field monitor worthy of sitting on his mastering console is over....

“I don't usually use near-fields, in 27 years I've not found one that I'm comfortable with for long periods of time. We've all tried many near-fields over the years at Metropolis and never found one that we'd want to use until I auditioned The Rocks. These are offering something different, we instantly understood them, and equally important, so do our clients. Everyone that has come to master here loves The Rocks, from producers, to artists and even record company A&R, they're all impressed by the amount of bass a small cabinet can produce and the level of detail”.

“The Rocks compliment our existing main monitors beautifully, they're detailed, have outstanding bass, excellent stereo imaging, pleasant to listen to and sound good. How detailed are they? Detailed enough to hear differences in word clock sources!”

Technology development manager Crispin Murray adds; “We've also been using them during the Channel 4 series “On Track' which features live direct to vinyl recording. Now that we've found an active near-field monitor that everyone likes we'll be standardising all 6 of our mastering rooms with The Rocks very soon”.

Miles Showell, Crispin Murray – Metropolis Mastering

Miles Showell has been at Metropolis since 1997 and his credits amongst others includes;

Doves, Luciano Pavarotti, Jessie J, Portishead, Moloko, Gorillaz, George Michael, Bat For Lashes, Primal Scream, Everything But The Girl, Zero 7, Sting.

Metropolis is one of the most successful independent recording and production facility in Europe, and now also one of the biggest independent Mastering Houses in Europe too. Now in their 21st award winning year and have recently added a plethora of new and exciting services

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