9th September 2013

Legendary British producer John Leckie chooses Unity Rocks

The music industry would be at a loss without British record producer John Leckie. Since he began his career in 1970 at Abbey Rd Studios as an in-house engineer, he has gone on to produce pioneering acts ranging through the likes of Radiohead (The Bends), The Stone Roses (The Stone Roses), Muse (Showbiz), Verve (A Storm in Heaven), Magazine (Real Life ), Public Image ( 1st single ), and numerous albums for The Fall, XTC & Simple Minds . All of these albums have had a cult following, every success marked by the intrinsic individual sound of each band. John has been added the growing list of producers who have chosen Unity Audio Rocks Monitors for their work.

"The Rocks rock !”

“Scary speakers to listen to your mix on as they really expose what's there ! Anyone working in professional studios today should hear these speakers.

I been listening to studio monitors for many years and The Rocks are up there with the best. I can spend all day listening loud or quiet and never taxing on the ears. I feel I'm going to be working with them for many years to come..

These are very special monitor speakers and every audio professional should try them out. You'll be surprised."

John Leckie - producer

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