31st July 2013

New Order Chooses Unity Audio Rock Mk Ii & Avalanche

Bernard Sumner from New Order recently auditioned a pair of Unity Audio Rock MK II's the Avalanche sub-woofer and liked them so much he bought 3 pairs including a pair for drummer Stephen Morris which are all being used for the forthcoming New Order album due out soon.

‘We have recently started recording for a new album, and I was looking for speakers that didn’t fatigue my ears during long sessions – with the Ribbon tweeter I have found this in the Unity Audio Rock MK II.

The detail is stunning, you can balance very easily and effectively without having to push the volume. The upper mids and high end are very smooth and accurate, the bass end is great for tracking, and in conjunction with ‘the Avalanche’ sub, and the great feature of being switchable in and out via a foot pedal, I can check out the sub bass detail whilst mixing. I've used a lot of studio monitors but the Rocks are something very special. They will improve your mixes and recordings and what you do really translates well to the real world environment’.

Bernard Sumner- New Order

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